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    iFlashBook technical platform incorporates multimedia, speech recognition and a library rich in content. Different ways, channels and three-dimensional effects are used to present the traditional content of a book on the Internet, helping students to learn Chinese with fun in an easier and more effective way.The letter “ i ” represents:
    iFlashBook technical platform is rich in learning features, comprising of “Phonics”, “Dictionary”, “Hanyu Pinyin”, “Character Strokes” etc., simple yet effective learning functions.
    Supported by the iFlashBook platform developed by Creative Knowledge Pte Ltd, features the Chinese Language Textbooks for Primary Schools published by PanPac Education Private Limited. It is a textbook that can “speak”, a textbook which is cartoonized,making the learning process lively.With iFlashBook, students learning Chinese will study independently, positively, happily and with interest!