Dear Subscriber,
    Thanks for your continuing support on “Panpac.iFlashBook”, in view of the New Year to come, we will be providing all users an option to change their subscription plan.
    Between the period of 26th December 2011 and 31st March 2012, subscribers will be able to upgrade their online Chinese textbooks, including Chinese Language for Primary Schools, Chinese Language for Primary Schools (Bilingual Version), Higher Chinese for Primary Schools and Full Score in Chinese. Eg From Primary 1 Higher Chinese to Primary 2 Higher Chinese. For Primary 6 subscribers, no further upgrade will be available and you will not be able to change your subscription.
Please abide by these rules, prior changing your subscription plan:
1) You only have one chance to change your subscription, please select carefully
2) You may not revert the subscription plan once the upgrade(s) have been completed
Note:For teachers, please contact the sales representatives.
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